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Media Work

HUG has developed good relations with the media and has clearly demonstrated the value and impact positive media relations can make, and through this access to a wide audience who may have little knowledge of mental illness.

We have had regular contact with a handful of media professionals who I feel understand the need for sensitivity and careful reporting and who have consistently proven their warmth and 'humanity' in their relationships with HUG members.

Below are some examples of HUG's successful media work over the last couple of years:



Scotland on Sunday
Five-page article based around the experiences of HUG members in a psychiatric hospital.

Press and Journal
Feature article on a member's experience of depression and the impact this illness has had on her personal life.

Inverness Courier
Feature article on a member's experience of living with paranoid schizophrenia and her commitment to fighting stigma and discrimination.
Feature article and editorial on HUG's work with young people in schools.

Lochaber Life
Regional magazine with monthly articles written by members of HUG.


Members of HUG have regularly appeared on television in connection with news stories, such as the closure of the local hospital or as a reaction to issues such as the high suicide rate in the Highlands.


BBC Radio Scotland
Half hour broadcast on 3 people's experience of depression and admission to psychiatric hospitals.
Slot on a health program interviewing HUG members on their experiences of delivering mental health awareness training to professionals.

Moray Firth Radio
Series of features during Scottish Mental Health Week.

Nevis Radio
Ten-minute monthly discussion features for 6 months, covering schizophrenia, manic depression, stigma, alienation and loneliness and media coverage of mental health issues.



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Working with the Media - Successes